Activated Alumina is a very porous form of aluminum oxide of high surface area which adsorbs liquids and gases without any change in form.
Activated Alumina will not soften or disintegrate when immersed in liquids. In the absence of irreversible fouling, it may be regenerated to its original adsorption efficiency by heating to a temperature between 350 - 600°F (177 - 316°C). For the most efficient subsequent adsorption, high temperature, low pressure and dry inert gas regeneration is recommended. Now produced with the latest automated equipment controlled by a sophisticated computer system, Activated Alumina is unequaled in its physical properties as a desiccant or adsorbent.


  • Uniform ball size
  • High crush strength
  • Low abrasion
  • High adsorptive capacity
  • Appears and feel dry, even when saturated with water
  • Meets the requirement of the Food Sanitation Law in Japan and the U.S. FDA
  • Standard Packaging is 25kg Bag
  • Most effective Desiccant Base for Compressed Air Systems
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