Brownell Transfer Breather Series V,W, X, Y & Z

This range of Transformer Breathers provides protection against moisture for large capacity conservator  tanks. With the larger amounts of desiccant required to maintain protection, the breathers are more robustly constructed.

The Transformer Breathers have a removable desiccant container which allows the desiccant to be changed without breaking the breather pipe connection. The desiccant container is clamped between the top and bottom end plates by four metal tie rods with threaded nuts. By releasing the nuts, the desiccant container can be easily removed and refilled as required.

The removable desiccant container is fabricated from mild steel which is protected with a phosphate and powder coat finish. The container has a UV stabilised polycarbonate clear window which allows for clear visibility of the desiccant charge. Top and bottom end plates are painted aluminium castings.

The unit is connected either by a flange or pipe thread connection. Mounting brackets on the top plate provides additional support for the breather. Two-way, low pressure valves are fitted in the base plate of the breather to ensure that the atmospheric air enters the desiccant when a negative pressure differential occurs within the equipment being protected.




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Part No. Size  Conservator Tank Oil -Litres
 Length mm
 Diameter mm
 Weight of Desiccant kg
 Approx. Charge Life - Days
BL/D6290/01  V  11350  375  255  5.0  300
BL/D6290/02  W  22700  555  255  10  300
BL/D6290/03  X  34050  735  255  14.5  300
BL/D6290/04  Y  45450  485  355  17.5  300
BL/D6290/05  Z  68150  645  355  27.3  300

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