Indicating Silica Gel Sachet Range

 These bags offer the same protection against moisture damage as clear silica gel bags but with the added feature of self indicating desiccant.

Envirogel desiccant is avaiable with two colour indicating options, (Orange to Green or Blue to Pink)  when the desiccant becomes saturated. The desiccant is synthetically produced from sodium silicate and has an adsorption capacity of approximately 25% (by weight) at a relative humidity of 50% at 25°C.

Small capacity bags are manufactured from clear uniphane which allows for clear visibility of the desiccant and enables users to easilycheck the condition of the desiccant. Large capacity bags are produced from Heatlon material and incorporate a clear polythene viewing window.

Bags can also be heat sealed in metal foil to provide a greater moisture barrier and longer shelf life.These desiccant bags are ideal for a wide range of moisture protection applications ranging from electrical/electronic enclosures, communications equipment, Engine storage etc.

Product Part Numbers         

Part No. Grams Gel colour Dimensions Bag Material Price   excl. gst
 BLD7410/10  1 Orange, Indicating 50mmX30mm clear Uniphane

 5000pcs $140


 BLD7410/11  3 Orange, Indicating  65mmX30mm clear Uniphane  2500pcs $224
 BLD7410/12  5 Orange, Indicating 65mmX60mm
clear uniphane  1500pcs $93  
 BLD7410/13  10 Orange, Indicating  80mmX50mm clear Uniphane  1000pcs $140    
 BLD7410/15  25 Orange, Indicating 80mmX90mm
Clear Uniphane  300pcs $78  


SGOH-50 50




Heatlon +


 SGOH-100G 100 Orange, Indicating 110mmX130mm
Heatlon + window  POA        
 SGOH-200G 200 Orange, Indicating  150mmX140mm Heatlon + window  POA        
SGOH-250 250




Heatlon + Window

SGOH-500 500 Orange, Indicating 150mmX220mm
Heatlon + window  POA        
 SGOH-1000 1000  Orange, Indicating 180mmX300mm
Heatlon + window  POA        
 SGOH-2000  2000 Orange, Indicating 270mmX270mm
Heatlon + window  POA        
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