Bentonite clay.

Clay desiccant is also called montmorillonite desiccant, known as a green desiccant sachets product due to its absolute safety and 100% environmental friendliness. It is non-toxic and non-corrosive, containing no resolvable material or calcium chloride.

Uni-Pak clay desiccant is designed and produced based on “Unit” value according to the standards of DIN55473 and MIL-D-3464E. Topsorb has strict quality control for its adsorption capacity, strength, dust etc. With our own bentonite mine, the bentonite clay we use as absorbent has more than 95% montmorillonite in purity, much higher than other clay desiccant products at home and abroad. Its adsorption reaches 18%~20% at 40%RH. The package is Tyvek material which has excellent strength and tight structure to avoid damage and dust pollution.

Clay sachets complies with DIN55437 and MIL-D-3464E.


Clay Sachet Part Number
Part No. Unit Weight gms
Pcs/Carton Remarks
   1/6  6  1800  
 SUDB002603  1/3  11  1000  
   1/2  17  600  
 SUDB004610  1  33  400  
 SUDB005609  2  66  200  
 SUDB006604  4  132  120  
   8  264  60  
 SUDB008623  16  528  40  

  Bentonite clay’s main chemical component is montmorillonite, which is scalelike and with the color of white, grey, buff, pink, purple etc. It is a natural non-metallic sedimentary or volcanic mineral. The simplest chemical molecular formula of montmorillonite is Al2O3•4SiO2•3H2O, theoretically, it consists of SiO2(66.7%)、Al2O3(25.3%)、H2O(5%). However, its factual component is much more complicated. Montmorillonite produced at different places is quite different in its components. 

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Container Desiccant

Container Desiccants are specially engineered to protect cargo from moisture damage by preventing condensation in shipping containers. This condensation is typically known as "container rain". Container rain is deterred by absorbing moisture water vapour in the enclosed air in the container. containerbag2This helps to maintain a low Relative Humidity level protecting the goods from mould, mildew, corrosion which threatens the integrity of the cargo.

 Strip Container Desiccant

Humidryer Plus is a specially formulated desiccant product made from Polymer Gelling agent and Calcium Chloride. It has a guaranteed adsorption rate of 355% of its weight (independent lab. tested at 100%RH 50DegC.).It is designed to lower the Dewpoint inside the shipping container while the cargo is in transit.

 insidecontainer containership


Product Type:

Humi Dryer Plus 1.5kg Strip                      click here for a quote.......


10 strips per carton

Application guide:

10 strips per 20Ft Container

20 strips per 40Ft container

Indicating Silica Gel Sachet Range

 These bags offer the same protection against moisture damage as clear silica gel bags but with the added feature of self indicating desiccant.

Envirogel desiccant is avaiable with two colour indicating options, (Orange to Green or Blue to Pink)  when the desiccant becomes saturated. The desiccant is synthetically produced from sodium silicate and has an adsorption capacity of approximately 25% (by weight) at a relative humidity of 50% at 25°C.

Small capacity bags are manufactured from clear uniphane which allows for clear visibility of the desiccant and enables users to easilycheck the condition of the desiccant. Large capacity bags are produced from Heatlon material and incorporate a clear polythene viewing window.

Bags can also be heat sealed in metal foil to provide a greater moisture barrier and longer shelf life.These desiccant bags are ideal for a wide range of moisture protection applications ranging from electrical/electronic enclosures, communications equipment, Engine storage etc.

Product Part Numbers         

Part No. Grams Gel colour Dimensions Bag Material Price   excl. gst
 BLD7410/10  1 Orange, Indicating 50mmX30mm clear Uniphane

 5000pcs $140


 BLD7410/11  3 Orange, Indicating  65mmX30mm clear Uniphane  2500pcs $224
 BLD7410/12  5 Orange, Indicating 65mmX60mm
clear uniphane  1500pcs $93  
 BLD7410/13  10 Orange, Indicating  80mmX50mm clear Uniphane  1000pcs $140    
 BLD7410/15  25 Orange, Indicating 80mmX90mm
Clear Uniphane  300pcs $78  


SGOH-50 50




Heatlon +


 SGOH-100G 100 Orange, Indicating 110mmX130mm
Heatlon + window  POA        
 SGOH-200G 200 Orange, Indicating  150mmX140mm Heatlon + window  POA        
SGOH-250 250




Heatlon + Window

SGOH-500 500 Orange, Indicating 150mmX220mm
Heatlon + window  POA        
 SGOH-1000 1000  Orange, Indicating 180mmX300mm
Heatlon + window  POA        
 SGOH-2000  2000 Orange, Indicating 270mmX270mm
Heatlon + window  POA        
orangesachet6    EGEL.jpg


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Silica Gel, Molecular Sieve, Bentonite Clay & Activated Alumina Desiccant Sachets

The most widely used method of protecting products during transit and storage against the harmful effects of humidity and moisture.

Desiccant bags are mainly used in packaging applications but also on equipment where space is limited. Bags are available in a range of different desiccant types and weights up to 500g.

Shipping Container Strip Desiccant is also available complete with Hooks for the inside of the container. These bags use a unique formula (based on Calcium Chloride) to achieve an adsorption capacity of 250% of the strip weight.


  cleargelraw3     clayread   16unitclay


Silica Gel sachet's come in sizes ranging from 50gm to 1000gm.

cleargelrawnoreadme  The sachet material is Tyvek - manufactured by Dupont and approved by the FDA (USA) for use in the Pharmaceutical and food industry. Tyvek material is also used in applications where fine dust or particulate excaping from within the sachet is not acceptable.

 The Silica gel in there sachets comply with Mil Spec. MIL-D-3463-E Type 1 &11 See safety data  sheet link below.These Ultra-Clean sachets are particularly suited to Dehumidification of Electronic & Laser equipent, Moisture sensitive Instrumentation, and other apparatus or equipment subject to deterioration due to excess moisture. Bags over 100 grams are made to order ( max. size 2000 grams).

See Silica Gel Adsorption Graph...


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Part No.s Silica Gel Sachet
Part No. Grams Dimensions Sachet Material

Unit Price

Excl. GST



BLD7410/06 50   Tyvek    


BLD7410/08 250   Heatlon   yes
BLD7410/09 500   Heatlon   yes
BLD7410/10 1000   Heatlon   yes
BLD7410/11 2000   Heatlon   yes

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