Desiccator - TA746 Series. Combines Relief Valve & Desiccant Chamber

This combination Desiccant Holder - Breather Valve puts two environmental protection components into one compact assembly.  For use in long-term storage containers. 

The desiccant holder mounts through a 2.015 in. (52 mm) diameter hole in the container wall (mounting hardware supplied). Holder will accommodate a two-unit desiccant bag*, enough to protect the contents of a two cubic foot container for at least six months, including two or three air shipments. Allows for easy desiccant replacement without opening your container by simply turning the cover of the TA476 by 1/4 turn.

The photo shows the standard item with a TA333-R Breather (Pressure Relief) Valve installed.  The breather valve keeps a container sealed during storage but automatically relieves excessive pressure or vacuum build-up caused by air transport or temperature changes. The manual relief push button equalizes residual vacuum so the container can be opened easily.

The standard tube length is 4.74 in., but other tube lengths and styles are available upon request.

Also available with: a humidity indicator in place of the breather valve; or, with a combination Humidity Indicator and Pressure Relief Valve (TA340-R or TA440-R); or, with a solid cover, as the TA476-SC series.   for these part numbers.

Materials and Finish: Housing, nut, washer and tube: Aluminum Alloy Conversion Coated per MIL-C-5541 Class 1A.  Cover and Cable: Stainless steel.    Torque value for hex nut: 80 in. - lbs. (9 N•m)

Weight (not including pressure relief valve): 0.60 lbs. (272 grams)

Ordering Information: Part number is based on pressure relief valve reseal pressures.  See the chart below for performance information of TA333-R valve.

Contact Envirotronics Engineering department for information on NEMA and IP ratings.

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* Note: Desiccant must be purchased separately. For desiccant options, select the desiccant material you are interested in and look for 1 or 2 unit bags.

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