Immersion Breather Description

An Immersion Proof Breather prevents pressure or vacuum build up in instruments or equipment subject to water spray or immersion. They are ideally suited to equipments or instruments subjected to temperature, altitude or barometric changes. The Immersion Proof Breather protects against distortion or other damage that would normally occur due to such changes.

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Mini Immersion Breather Range

Mini Breathers have been designed for equipments that are limited to the amount of space available. For example hand held radios, battery packs, remote control devices and membrane keyboards.       

The BLD9036 Immersion Proof Breather is the smallest unit we offer and made from stainless steel. The hydrophobic membrane allows free breathing to occur but will not allow liquids to pass through.

The unit is very low profile and utilises a standard M3 metric thread for fitting.

It is IP67 rated meaning the unit can be immersed in water of 1 metre for 2 hours.

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