Adsortech Container Strips provide Complete Protection against Shipping Container Moisture

Shipping Containers transit very harsh weather conditions during long ocean voyages.

In many instances high temperatures yield high humidity causing extreme condensation inside the container during the cooler part od the day (Container Rain).

Condenstaion can destroy valuable cargo whether it be food items, furniture of machinery.

Our container Strips have been designed to hang on the container hooks along the inside walls of the container giving complete protection of the cargo by adsorbing moisture carried in the air inside the container.

Absorgel Hanging Technical

Absorgel Hanging 1kg shipping desiccant

ABSORGEL® Hanging is a simple and safe product in the form of 8 gel pads sewn together. It is ideal for cargo shipments where non-liquid collection is preferred. A unique hanging mechanism makes the ABSORGEL® Hanging a versatile and easy to install desiccant solution.

It is based on the proven ability of calcium chloride combined with gelling agents and starch to aggressively remove moisture from the air. The ABSORGEL® will start to activate once removed from its sealed package. It can hang within the corrugated recess of the container side panel or be placed horizontally on top of the cargo.

Active agent: Calcium Chloride (CaCI2) Cas-Nr. 10043-52-4.
Adhesive agent: modified starch.
Calcium chloride is non toxic, non flammable and environmentally friendly.

Number of Strips Required

Container Size Dry Cargo Wet Cargo
20FT  4-6  8-10
40FT  8-12  16-20




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Note: Strips are sold in Cartons of 10 pcs/carton.

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ABSORGEL® Hanging is made only of PE/PP plastics and salt, which are non-toxic and recyclable. It is a one-time use product and can be disposed with regular waste.




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