Dry Air & Nitrogen Purging Systems


The NEPS1000 Advantage is the latest development for improving the effective and efficiency of Dry Nitrogen or Dry Air purging of electronic, optical, high voltage, laser systems and equipments requiring gas drying and/or inhibiting of oxygen. High humidity and water vapour can have a deleterious impact on the use, operation and long term reliability of instruments and systems. Neps is designed to maximise the dry gas purging process for humidity removal and oxygen inhibition with a host of capabilities and functionality for effective and efficientcontrol during the purging process.

Our Nitrogen Enhanced Purging Systems (NEPS) technology is a unique, easy-to-use, single-point purge system that pressurizes equipment or enclosures with dry gas to remove moisture from the airspace and from the hygroscopic materials contained in the equipment.  This provides a more thorough purge and more efficient use of the dry gas, as compared to a traditional dual-point or through purge when the dry gas will typically follow the path of least resistance from the entry to exit point of the equipment.  The NEPS provides automatic operation with minimal user input. The embedded dew point sensor measures and displays the dew point of the air exiting the equipment during the depressurization cycle.  This quantification of the purge operation ensures the effectiveness of the purge and prevents unnecessary dry gas expenditure.  Additional features include adjustable pressure settings, equipment leak test and source gas dryness test.

Most dual-point purging is done without any way to quantify the results.  Quite often, the purge removes the moisture from the airspace, but is not performed in a manner to ensure the removal of the majority of the moisture, which is contained in the hygroscopic materials in the equipment.  The NEPS eliminates the guesswork and provides an efficient and effective purge which will reduce the amount of dry gas expended, extend the life of the desiccant (if used), reduce maintenance cycles and provide greater protection to your equipment.

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