The failure or malfunction of many transformers or similar equipments can be directly attributed to the lack of proper control of the level of water vapour entering the equipment. It is essential, therefore, that a very low level of humidity is maintained in the air space in the top of the conservator tank to avoid deterioration of the insulating properties of the cooling medium.

Transformer Breathers provide an economic and efficient means of controlling the level of moisture entering the conservator tank during the change in volume of the cooling medium and/or airspace caused by temperature gradients.

All of our Transformer Breathers are filled with Envirogel, which is a self-indicating silica gel desiccant. This desiccant is orange/yellow in colour when active, but turns Green at 12% moisture level and ultimately very dark green at 80% saturation.

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   6586morinf.jpgBLD6290 pic  Twin Breather Manifold   egelread3ET 06OV


 Breather Specifications
Part No. Size  Conservator Tank Oil -Litres
 Length mm
 Diameter mm
 Weight of Desiccant kg
 Approx. Charge Life - Days
 BL/D6586  R  1500  158  108  0.6  300
 BL/D6942/01  R1  3000  260  108  1.2  300
 BL/D6942/02  R2  4750  362  108  1.9  300
BL/D6290/01  V  11350  375  255  5.0  300
BL/D6290/02  W  22700  555  255  10  300
BL/D6290/03  X  34050  735  255  14.5  300
BL/D6290/04  Y  45450  485  355  17.5  300
BL/D6290/05  Z  68150  645  355  27.3  300


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